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Duo break radio broadcast record

DJ Chris Moyles has broken the record for BBC Radio 1's longest ever show by staying on air for a marathon 37 hours.

The weary DJ has been presenting with sidekick Dave Vitty, better known as "Comedy Dave", since early Wednesday morning and broke the record at 7.30pm on Friday.

Declaring "I just want to go to the pub", Chris was seen looking cheerful but exhausted as it was revealed that the effort has so far raised just over £1 million for Comic Relief.

Reacting to the news, the sleep-deprived presenter said: "That's amazing, just to watch us idiots and listen to us idiots for two days."

He then joked "I'm going home, it's St Paddy's Day, come on", although the duo plan to continue their on-air feat. They hope to set a new Guinness world record for a team DJ show by staying on air for 51.5 hours. If they are successful, the record will be broken at 8.30am on Friday.

Speaking just before passing the mark for Radio 1's longest show, Chris said: "We are 30 seconds from taking the longest ever Radio 1 show from Simon Mayo and scribbling our name all over it."

Cheers then filled the air and celebratory cake was given to the presenter as a "light snack" to keep him going. The popular radio personalities are allowed a five-minute break every hour and have been taking showers to refresh themselves alongside the occasional brief power nap.

A host of celebrities have shown support for the DJ's efforts, including former presenter Andi Peters, who popped into the studio on Thursday morning.

The previous Radio 1 record, also in aid of Comic Relief, was set by Mayo in 1999.


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