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Dynamo: I want to be a superhero

Dynamo wants to become a real-life superhero.

The 30-year-old magician from Bradford revealed he practises magic 90 per cent of the time, and when he isn't doing tricks at home, he watches superhero movies to get ideas.

He explained: "I love watching superhero movies, they're my favourites. And I always get crazy ideas form them because superheroes have abilities that normal humans don't. And as a magician it's my job to do those sort of things."

The illusionist - whose stunts include walking on water on the River Thames, walking down the side of the 80ft LA Times building and levitating from the roof of a London bus - learned magic as a child so he could beat the bullies at his school.

Dynamo revealed: "I got into magic because of my grandpa. He wasn't a magician as such but he just knew a few crazy things.

"I was getting picked on at school. These bullies were putting me inside a wheelie bin and pushing me down a hill every day. And my grandpa saw me coming home with bruises and he asked me what was going on and I told him and he showed me this secret technique to take away people's strength.

"And the next day when I went to school I used it and the guys couldn't put me in the wheelie bin any more because they couldn't pick me up. And I've been using a similar technique all my life ever since.

"It put this urban myth around the playground that I had mystical powers, so my grandpa thought that was quite fun and he helped me nurture these skills and I haven't looked back."

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