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Eamonn Holmes reveals solution to wee problem on McIntyre's Show... and how he proposed to Ruth by text

Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show
Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show
Ivan Little

By Ivan Little

Eamonn Holmes has lifted the lid on a telephone gadget that helps bring him relief from a long-running problem if he's caught short away from home.

A tracking app shows the Belfast-born TV presenter where he can flush out his nearest public toilet if he needs to spend a penny in a hurry.


Millions of TV viewers were watching as Eamonn went public with the revelation at the weekend when he and his wife Ruth Langsford were appearing on comedian Michael McIntyre's Big Show.

One game in the programme is called 'send to all' during which celebrities hand over their phones to the host who, before sending mischievous texts to their contacts, explores all the content on the guests' devices including photos and apps.

At the weekend the comic came across an app on Eamonn's phone called 'Where's The Public Toilet?'

And in front of a 3,000-strong audience at the Theatre Royal in London, Eamonn calmly told the comic: "I, at my age, have a prostate the size of your head, basically.

"When you get to a certain age you can't really go more than an hour without having to have a wee and it's very difficult trying to find a loo; very, very difficult."

McIntyre used the app to locate the public toilet that was closest to Eamonn outside the theatre and said it was 190 metres away.

He asked Eamonn: "So would you feel confident about making that?"

Eamonn replied: "I think I could make that."

McIntyre joked that if he couldn't reach a toilet, "do you find a wall or an alley and just let yourself go?"

In the text to unsuspecting friends and relations of Eamonn and Ruth, McIntyre used their phones to ask what they found annoying about the couple, who, he said, needed the information for a magazine. Eamonn's son Niall responded by saying what he found annoying about his dad was "probably that you need to pee all the time".

Eamonn's brother Brian said he was annoyed that his sibling always turned up late and cut short conversations "very quickly" on the telephone.

He added: "Your eyes are bigger than your belly", before signing off "Don't be offended. From your wee, younger skinnier brother, Brian."

Another response came from Kelly Willoughby, sister of TV presenter Holly Willoughby.

Kelly used to be Eamonn's personal assistant and she said that he didn't pay her enough.

Eamonn was later chided on social media for his disclosure on the Big Show about his proposal to Ruth after 12 years together.

He has spoken before about popping the question via a text message, but he told viewers at the weekend he decided to propose after seeing a large number of men surrounding his then girlfriend at a race meeting at Cheltenham.

Likening them to wasps around jam, he said: "I sat at the back and thought I didn't like this.

"I thought this business arrangement isn't tied up."

After Ruth questioned his use of the phrase "business arrangement", Eamonn said: "I meant you were free to go elsewhere."

He said he composed a "beautiful lovely six-page text telling her how much I loved her."

Ruth said he finished by asking her if she would marry him.

"I just texted back 'yes'," she said.

Eamonn's confessions drew a mixed response on social media, with one person claiming he wanted to "lock down his property".

But a number of people thanked Eamonn for talking openly about his ongoing prostate difficulties and several said they had now signed up for the toilet tracking device which they hadn't known existed.

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