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Eamonn Holmes: 'Rihanna was a total nightmare, David Cassidy was annoying and as for Meg Ryan... don't even go there'

Sky News and This Morning star spills the beans on the stars he never wants to interview again

By Aoife Kelly

Eamonn Holmes has revealed he had a face-off with Rihanna's bodyguard on the set of ITV's This Morning prior to an interview.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on RTE's 2fm about the best and worst of his celebrity interviews, the Belfast TV star branded Rihanna (right) a "nightmare".

"I walked out to speak to her - I'm a believer in speaking to them in the waiting room before they begin - and said: 'Hello Rihanna, my name is Eamonn and I'll be doing the interview'. And I got a thump on my arm, a thump on my arm!" he revealed.

"I looked around and there's this big burly guy standing beside her and he said: 'Hey, you want to talk to Miss Rihanna you do it through me'. And he points to his eyes as in 'look at me'. I said: 'I'm really sorry, I didn't realise you were on the programme.'"

When the bodyguard said he was not on the progamme, Holmes reveals he replied with: "Exactly. She is, so I'm going to talk to her and if you touch my - and I used a lot of expletives - arm once more I will break your arm and stick it up your a**."

Despite the war of words Rihanna did appear, although Eamonn said she came out "with a blanket around her, two people practically carrying her in a sedan chair, out into the studio".

He had another difficult interview recently with David Cassidy, who spoke to the presenter and his wife and co-host Ruth Langsford via video-link from Florida, but appeared to be irked by the most innocuous of questions.

Holmes revealed Cassidy was "paid a lot of money" for the "friendly tribute interview" but when he shouted at Ruth "that really quite annoyed" him.

"There are people who have attitude right from the start," he said. "Like that Tarantino interview with Krishnan Guru Murthy - you could tell (Tarantino) had attitude right from the start.

"And someone like De Niro (who recently walked out of an interview) walks around with a chip on his shoulder," he added. "I have no desire ever to put myself through a De Niro interview, or a Russell Crowe interview. I've never met Russell Crowe, but you know what, I don't want to."

Holmes also recommended that Tubridy refuse to interview Meg Ryan should the opportunity ever arise.

"I did her before Parky," he said. "Nobody believes me. Everybody would say: 'Aw, but she's Sleepless In Seattle, she's When Harry Met Sally, she's sweetness, she's lovely'.

"She's the world's worst example, maybe, of actors who see themselves as empty vessels. When they're given a role they are somebody and they can talk but they're not comfortable or can't talk about themselves.

"She's painfully, painfully aware of herself and really, just honestly, don't ever bother. Don't go there if you're offered."

Holmes said he believed the availability of alcohol on Irish chat shows helped celebrities to "loosen up".

"So many people are buttoned-up and particularly with Americans, people who take themselves very seriously, if they're at the top of the tree they're usually all right," he added. "If they're on the way up they're surrounded by advisers, people who say: 'Stop this interview!'"

He said that one particular "bland American actress" caused ructions in the studio.

"I remember one of them, she was just about to marry Justin Timberlake - Jessica Biel - so we said during the interview: 'And, wedding plans?'. And her PR jumped into the studio and said: 'Stop this interview!' In a live studio she jumps in!" he said.

"You just want to say... well, you know what you want to say!"

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