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Eamonn Holmes' V-sign on This Morning was 'a message to his producer'

By Staff Reporter

Eamonn Holmes has explained away a two-fingered gesture live on air as simply studio sign language with his producer.

Twitter went into meltdown after the Belfast broadcaster appeared to make a rude V-sign at a member of his This Morning crew during an interview.

Just beforehand, Holmes had appeared frustrated by something, shaking his head and pulling a face. However, the 55-year-old said he had been indicating that his repeated V-signs were just a gesture to Camera Two.

"Twitter is in a frenzy over the interview. Apparently because of the way the interview was shot you picked up on a bit of studio language going on," he said. "Apparently people are mistaking - not understanding - technical jargon and me doing this, this means camera two - this means two on a two."

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