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Eccleston bruises nose as Borrower

Christopher Eccleston managed to bruise his nose while filming The Borrowers.

The one-off film, which airs on BBC One on Boxing Day, is a 21st century update of the classic Mary Norton novel, filmed in Cape Town.

Former Doctor Who star Christopher plays Pod Clock, husband of Homily (Sharon Horgan). The couple have left Borrower Town to raise their teenage daughter Arrietty (played by Aisling Loftus) somewhere safer.

The Borrowers' roles were surprisingly hard work, with the trio suffering regular bruises from being flung around the set.

Christopher said: "I actually bruised the tip of my nose, which is pretty easy for me to do if you've seen my nose.

"I had a perfect black bruise from throwing myself continually into a crash mat when I jumped off a bookcase, so I looked comedic with that on the plane home."

Aisling added: "There's a scene where Granny Driver [played by Victoria Wood] is stabbing down a screwdriver into a hole and we're throwing ourselves against the sides of the room.

"Pretty much every morning me and Sharon had to have Arnica tablets - I've never had so many bruises on my bum!"

Sharon said: "We did it all ourselves, but that's why it was so brilliant. I don't know when I'll get the chance to do this again, there aren't many stunts in TV sitcom land."

The Borrowers also stars former Misfits actor Robert Sheehan as Spiller and Stephen Fry as evil Professor Mildeye.


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