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Eccleston: I'm critical of dramas

Christopher Eccleston has revealed that acting in dramas has stopped him watching them as much.

The former Doctor Who actor has been in several dramas - including Cracker, The Second Coming and Hillsborough - and admitted it has made him "critical" of the genre.

"I do love a documentary. And I watch a certain amount of sport and news," said the star.

But he added: "I don't watch a huge amount drama, because I do it. I find I'm critical of it and I'm in on the joke."

However, Christopher, 49, revealed he made an exception for cult US series Breaking Bad.

He said: "When I fall in love with something, as I did with Breaking Bad, for instance, I'm very passionate about it. I'm hugely admiring of that series. I think it was brilliantly done in every way."

Christopher can soon be seen as eccentric club owner John Aspinall in Lucan, ITV's new two-part drama about British peer Lord Lucan, who disappeared in 1974 after the Lucans' nanny, Sandra Rivett, was bludgeoned to death and his wife Veronica was attacked.

Christopher said: "I was familiar with the phrase 'Lord Lucan' as it always applied to someone who had gone missing. My dad would say, 'Where have you been, Lord Lucan?' But aside from knowing he was possibly on the run, that was it. I knew very little of the case."

He confessed he was initially sceptical about the drama, until he read Jeff Pope's script and realised it has a "real moral centre".

"I think a huge motivation for Jeff was to point out that Sandra Rivett lost her life, and that was never given due prominence by the press. And Veronica lost the children (custody was awarded to her sister following bouts of illness) and was made a social pariah," he said. "Judgment is unavoidable but great writers are aware of their own particular bias, and Jeff has huge respect for his audience's intelligence."

:: Lucan is a two-part drama beginning on ITV on Wednesday, December 11.


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