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Ed Helms gets Office promotion

Ed Helm's character Andy Bernard has been promoted to manager in the US version of The Office.

Dunder Mifflin announced the new manager of the Scranton office of the make-believe paper company portrayed in the comedy during the season premiere last night.

Dim-witted salesman Andy Bernard, played by cast member Ed, takes over from Steve Carell's character Michael Scott, after Steve left last series.

In July, US network NBC announced it had signed James Spader as a full-time cast member. He reprises his guest role as manipulative Robert California, who over the summer was hired as the office's new regional manager. But quickly on the eighth-season premiere, he wangled a promotion to CEO of Sabre, the parent corporation of Dunder Mifflin.

This left the manager's position vacant again. Andy Bernard was the surprise choice.


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