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Eddie Izzard says living in Northern Ireland was best time of his life and he's 'so glad to be back'

By Laura Abernethy

It will be almost like a homecoming for comedian Eddie Izzard when he plays the Mac tonight.

Izzard spent several years of his childhood living in Bangor, Co Down, and now he will take to the Belfast stage to perform his Force Majeure show - featuring three shows in three hours in three languages.

He said: "I always look forward to coming back to Northern Ireland.

"It was the greatest time of our life because my mum died soon after we left there.

"We went to Ballyholme Primary School and we even picked up a bit of an accent. My mum was from Kent and my dad was from East Sussex so we sounded a bit different. Who would have thought a kid from Ballyholme Primary School would go on to do this.

"I always came back to Northern Ireland, even when the Troubles were really tough. I usually get a great reception from the people there."

Tonight he will perform a stand-up show in German, followed by one in French, and then English.

He first came up with the concept in Caen, Normandy, on the 70th anniversary of D-Day to honour those who fought for freedom in WWII and to show how far Europe has come.

The UK tour has been timed to coincide with the EU referendum at the end of June, as the comedian is supporting the Stronger In campaign. He explained: "The show has a positive message. We have this referendum coming up so it's designed to show positive aspects of Europe.

"There's all this opportunity there. How many continents have come together before who used to kill each other and then decided to stop?

"I am very against the idea of running and hiding from Europe and I am for standing and fighting for our place in Europe."

The English show, which starts at 9pm, sold out in 30 minutes, but there are still tickets available for the German performance at 7pm, and the French at 8pm. The tour comes just a few months after Eddie ran 27 marathons in a month for Sport Relief.

He said: "The last few were very tough. I'd tried four years ago and failed so it was good to get it in the bag. I came back and went straight into some training and my body has been all right. I had a bit of a break from work afterwards and didn't have to go straight into performing, but Force Majeure is my next challenge now."

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