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Eddie still can't dive from Splash!

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards has revealed his shoulder injury from last year's series of Splash! is still so painful that he can't dive a year on.

The legendary ski jumper won the first series of the celebrity diving show but said he is still suffering from a bruised shoulder joint after training so hard and diving with such force.

He said: "It's been 10 months and my shoulder's still not right but it's getting better. I did a one-metre dive a month ago when I took my girls up to my local swimming pool and the pain was excruciating so I thought 'I'm not ready yet'.

"I'm amazed, this has been the longest injury that I've ever had."

Eddie explained there was nothing that could be done to speed up his recovery, but said it wasn't holding him back from ski jumping.

He said: "If I try to throw anything, the pain in my shoulder is really bad. It won't affect my ski jumping because I don't use my shoulder for ski jumping, but I would like to do some diving again."

Eddie said he would be away for a lot of January but had a plan in place to make sure he wouldn't miss the new series of Splash! : "I'm going to get my mother-in-law to tape them and then I'll watch them when I get home.

"I want to see who's getting good in their swimming costumes and what diving boards they're getting off and what dives they're doing, and see if there's any competition for the champion of champions that they might do in years to come, so I need to keep an eye on the competition."

He added: "I loved doing it and I'll be thinking about them, I'll think, 'Oh gosh, the training they must have done to do that,' and I'm looking forward to watching the whole series all over again."

Splash! returns to ITV tonight (January 4).


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