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Eggheads beaten by Queen's University Belfast quiz team


(L-R) Lili, Rob, John, Shea and Micheal of 'Doing it for the Craic'. Picture: BBC

(L-R) Lili, Rob, John, Shea and Micheal of 'Doing it for the Craic'. Picture: BBC


(L-R) Lili, Rob, John, Shea and Micheal of 'Doing it for the Craic'. Picture: BBC

A team of young quizzers from Queen’s University Belfast’s (QUB) cracked the Eggheads' winning streak when they successfully defeated the master minds on Wednesday's episode.

The BBC tea time television quiz sees the Eggheads, made up of some of Britain’s top quizzers, go head-to-head with a challenging civilian team.

If the Eggheads beat the challengers, the £1,000 cash prize is rolled over to subsequent episodes.

Losing is rare for the professionals who have played more than 2,000 shows over 20 series.

They had been undefeated for the last 21 rounds, meaning the cash prize for the Northern Ireland team totalled £22,000.

The latest challenging team, ‘Doing It For The Craic’, made up of current and former members of the QUB Quiz Society, secured victory over the professionals after a rocky start.

When asked by presenter Jeremy Vine what Queen’s University is like, team captain Lili said, “It’s beautiful. I think it’s such an underrated university. People really should visit a lot more”.

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Players Robert, John and Shea were beaten by members of the Eggheads in the first three rounds as they faced questions about history, sport and arts and books.

Remaining contestants Lili and John took on the final round which was, as always, general knowledge.

The Belfast team's victory hinged on the final question of the fifth round, which was: "An image of Godmersham Park features on which Bank of England bank note?"

Despite not being entirely confident and claiming an unfair advantage that Northern Ireland has its own bank notes, John concluded that they should guess the answer as, after all, they were just “in it for the craic”.

Winging it paid off for the quizzers, who put their money on the correct answer of £10, making the Doing It For The Craic quizzers “officially cleverer than the Eggheads”.

The highest amount any team has won is £75,000 in 2007 by a team of Oxford Brookes University students, Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow.

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