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Elba: Luther put me in dark place

Idris Elba has confessed the new series of Luther is so dark it left him spooked out.

The Wire actor stars as DCI John Luther in the BBC crime show, a maverick detective hiding the dark secret that he takes criminal punishment into his own hands.

The series is also darker than before, as the detective investigates a twisted fetish killer throughout the series and the first episode features a very bloody scene involving a food mixer.

Idris admitted: "This season has been a real struggle for me, my personal life has been so much darker when I get home than ever before. It's harder to shake off.

"There's a man that's hanging from a tree and I have to try and take him down and that actually happens to Idris the actor. That stuck with me."

The new series also features the return of Alice. Played by actress Ruth Wilson, the research scientist and psychopath, who Luther investigated for killing her parents in the first series, had escaped from a mental institute with Luther's help at the end of series two - and that was the last we saw of her.

Idris hinted: "She has a very specific job that she does in this season - we get the sense that she's been away and she's definitely back!

He added: "I don't want to give away too much but it's great having Ruth Wilson, she's a great great actress and a great mate and she just does so much justice to that character and I think it's more popular than the main character!"

:: Luther starts on BBC One on Tuesday, July 2.


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