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Elisabeth Moss: 'I've been a victim of Hollywood's gender pay gap'

Elisabeth Moss has refused to reveal the shows on which she was paid less than her male counterparts.

Elisabeth Moss has been a victim of Hollywood’s gender pay gap in the past.

The actress, who rose to fame as advertising executive Peggy Olson in TV series Mad Men, is currently starring in Hulu's The Handmaid’s Tale.

Now, the 34-year-old alleges she has experienced sexism similar to the characters she has played, such as Peggy, and Detective Robin Griffin in Top of the Lake, throughout her career in the TV industry.

"Women don’t make as much as men. I’m sure. I know," she told the Radio Times. "I’m 100 per cent positive that I’ve been a victim of that."

However, the star stopped short of singling out a particular show in which she was paid less than her male counterparts.

"Tricky area," she sighed when quizzed, but refused to go further out of loyalty to her castmates. "I can’t really speak specifically about who made what. I feel like it would be disrespectful to the other actors on the show… tricky area, sorry."

Elisabeth's role as Peggy on Mad Men saw her play an advertising executive constantly battling for sexual equality with men in the 1960s. The part earned her six Emmy Awards nominations and one Golden Globe nomination. But the actress admits she initially accepted the gig just because it was "a job", and not because Peggy took on feminist issues.

"Through playing that character I found my feminism and what it meant to be a feminist," she added.

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