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Ellie Goulding: 'Delirium represents all my inspirations'

Ellie Goulding wanted her new record Delirium to represent everything she’s ever been inspired by.

The 28 year old singer released her third studio album earlier this month, following the success of her debut Lights in 2010 and Halcyon in 2012.

While Ellie had a lot to live up to with her latest offering, she is hoping she succeeded in her aim of fulfilling her musical destiny.

“I think I wanted to make sure that this album was everything that I’ve ever been and everything I’ve ever been inspired by,” Ellie told Billboard magazine. “From working with brand new producers that I’ve never worked with before to working with somebody I’ve always wanted to work with.”

Ellie has learnt a lot over the years since her first big hit Starry Eyed in 2010 and she feels she has been able to channel all her experience into her new record.

“I think this album has kind of been like the build-up for me for the past few years,” she continued. “I always knew this kind of album was coming. There’s old and new, which is unusual for me because I’m always like wanting to move forward and kind of be innovative but I’d like to think this album possesses all of that. I called it Delirium because anything that I do that’s remotely happy, I have to have some kind of twist on it, so (being) deliriously happy still has a dark side to it.”

It was also Ellie’s collaboration with song writer Max Martin that she believes has contributed to making Delirium exactly what it is as he has a unique ability to make her tap into new aspects of her voice.

“He directed me on a couple of songs and he’d be like, ‘Can you do this?’ ” Ellie explained. “And I’d be like, ‘Do you mean this?’ And he’d be like, ‘Where did that come from? Never heard that before. Never heard you sing low on any of your records before.’ And yeah, it was great. It just came out of nowhere. He was good at bringing that confidence out of me.”

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