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Eminem's gut-busting Belfast feast

By Claire Weir

Hungry rapper Eminem has shed his Slim Shady image after he and his entourage devoured a massive delivery of more than 16 cooked chickens and 60 chicken wings from a Belfast restaurant before and after his performance in Northern Ireland last week.

Crowds on the front row of his rocking performance at Tennent's Vital in Bangor may have noticed a spicy tang in the air after the outspoken star also ordered a whopping 12 bottles of piquant sauce from the Victoria Square branch of worldwide chicken franchise Nando's.

The gut-busting feast included:

  • SIXTEEN flame-grilled chickens;
  • SIX large sides of spicy rice;
  • SIX large sides of creamy mashed potatoes;
  • FIVE large sides of red-skin mashed potatoes;
  • FIVE large sides of ratatouille;
  • ONE large order of spicy mixed olives;
  • TWO orders of hummus with Peri-Peri drizzle and a serving of pitta bread;
  • TWELVE assorted bottles of Nando's Peri-Peri sauces.

Ravenous again after an energetic performance, Eminem and his backing band D12 then placed another order just before closing time.

They asked star-struck staff to lay on a mammoth 60 chicken wings, 10 'butterfly' chicken breasts and more side orders and sauce for what must have been a pretty pungent flight back to the USA on their private jet.

Richard Exton from Nando's said that other stars including Tinchy Stryder, Dizzy Rascal and Elbow have also been sampling their favourite snacks while playing at the Belsonic festival, but Eminem's order dwarfed all other celebrity demands.

"This is definitely the biggest order we have seen placed in Ireland," he said.

"When the second big order came in, the staff were getting ready to close up, but they were happy to stay on and cook for Eminem and his entourage.

"We've all heard of outlandish demands from pop stars before but these just seem to be guys who like spicy food - no gladiolis in Eminem's dressing room."

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