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Emma Stone: ‘My voice is my Achilles heel’

Actress Emma Stone would like to see Beyonce in a Broadway version of La La Land.

Emma Stone doesn’t think she could sing in another Broadway show because her voice gets so strained.

The actress has shown off her vocal ability in recent years thanks to her performance as Sally Bowles in the 2014 revival of Cabaret and her critically acclaimed turn as Mia in the musical movie La La Land. But Emma isn’t convinced she’d ever be able to do an on-stage version of the story, because her vocals would suffer under the pressure.

“I don’t physically think I could,” she told Hello! Magazine. “I mean, playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret, she is a third rate singer in a second-rate nightclub. So when my voice was gone or I was on steroids or cold medicine, it would make sense. But with this I don’t know if I would be able to sing that audition song every night. My voice is my Achilles heel.”

Emma went on to say that Beyonce Knowles would be her pick to play Mia in a stage show, as she would be able to nail the songs and the dance numbers. The 28-year-old would also rule out lip syncing because such a tactic wouldn’t be right for the audition sequence, a pivotal scene in the film.

“As much as I love to lip sync – and I do love to lip sync – I can’t imagine doing that for that audition number, because it felt like a monologue and not a song really. It was the most daunting (scene),” she shared.

Directed by Damien Chazelle, La La Land is Emma’s third project with Ryan Gosling. And the redhead star admits it was a delight to work with the actor again because they now have established such a natural chemistry.

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