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Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart unveiled as stars of 2020 Pirelli calendar

Italian-born fashion photographer Paolo Roversi has selected nine stars to interpret the role of Juliet.

Emma Watson for Pirelli (Paolo Roversi/Pirelli/PA)
Emma Watson for Pirelli (Paolo Roversi/Pirelli/PA)

Emma Watson, Claire Foy and Kristen Stewart have been unveiled as the stars of Italian tyremaker Pirelli’s 2020 calendar.

The trio appear in a behind-the-scenes video on the set of Italian-born fashion photographer Paolo Roversi’s shoot.

They contemplate Shakespearean drama and the place of Romeo and Juliet’s tragic female protagonist in modern society against a muted backdrop of cream and white.

Roversi chose nine personalities to interpret the role of Juliet.

British actress Mia Goth, Chinese singer Chris Lee, American actresses Indya Moore and Yara Shahidi, Spanish singer Rosalia and Franco-Italian artist Stella Roversi also feature in the three-minute glimpse.

Paolo Roversi, who has shot for Elle and Marie Claire, chose “Looking for Juliet” as this year’s theme, shooting in Paris and Verona – the Italian setting of Romeo and Juliet – over a week in May.

Speaking in the video, Watson says: “Paolo is someone I have always wanted to work with. His photos look like these unbelievable paintings.

Emma Watson (Alessandro Scott/Pirelli)

“It’s lovely to have the narrative behind the still image. I think that makes it a richer image.”

Stewart says she is a “huge Juliet advocate” as the fictional young woman was “a baller”.

“I think to give yourself to someone fully is the strongest thing you can do,” she says.

“I am a huge Juliet advocate. I think she is a baller. There are Juliets absolutely everywhere, and also I think I am Romeo, I am Juliet.”

Kristen Stewart (Alessandro Scotti/Pirelli)

Foy, best known as Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown, clasps her hands as she addresses the camera.

“He’s looking for a 35-year-old Juliet,” she says, laughing. “That’s the idea is that it’s Paolo’s new modern interpretation of her.”

Claire Foy with Scotti (Alessandro Scotti/Pirelli)

Each star was invited to present a different version of Juliet while acting, posing and singing during the shoot to express the intersection of love, strength and youth embodied by Juliet.



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