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Emma Willis forced to apologise repeatedly on sweary Big Brother launch night

The latest series of the Channel 5 reality show kicked off on Monday night (05Jun17), with a host of new contestants entering the famous house.

Big Brother host Emma Willis was forced to apologise repeatedly to viewers on the launch night of the new series, as numerous housemates broke the pre-watershed no swearing rule.

The latest series of the Channel 5 reality show kicked off on Monday night (05Jun17), with a host of new contestants entering the famous house. But while the presenter did her best to keep the housemates in check, she was left floundering somewhat when several of the hopefuls swore as they entered the house - prior to the 9pm watershed.

The first offender was Arthur Fulford, who flashed the V sign repeatedly as he headed up the famous stairs.

After being told of the gesture by bosses, Emma told viewers: "Did Arthur do a rude gesture? My apologies at this early hour!"

Lotan Carter, the stripper nephew of Pineapple Dance Studios favourite Louie Spence, was the next to break the rules. During his pre-entrance interview with Emma, the presenter asked him if he was looking forward to getting into the house, to which he replied: "F**k it!"

Later in the show, Charlotte Keys and Mandy Longworth were also caught swearing. And at the end of the episode, Kayleigh Morris was heard calling Lotan a "little c***". Those were all after the watershed, however, with viewers quick to reassure Emma on Twitter that they weren't offended by the cursing.

"It's 2017, people swear occasionally," one user wrote, while another added, "Emma needs to stop apologising for swearing. It's #bbuk people WILL swear get over it".

"Why does Emma keep saying sorry for the swearing it's after 9 now, people can swear! If parents are offended then send your kids to bed," a further viewer tweeted.

Despite the sweary housemates, it was an otherwise successful evening, which kicked off with Emma paying tribute to the victims of the Manchester and London terrorist attacks.

"It’s been a truly awful couple of weeks for Britain and the events in Manchester and London have shaken us all. The best way to respond is to show what a great country we are," she said. "We are the United Kingdom, we are diverse and multicultural and we are brilliant. And we want to celebrate all of the things that we are so this is the United Kingdom of Big Brother."

Viewers will be tuning in nightly to see what the housemates are getting up to, with the first twist coming in the form of People's Housemate Tom Barber, who will be in contact with the outside world and do whatever the public want inside the house.

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