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Emma Willis: I don't need romance


Matt and Emma Willis married in 2008

Matt and Emma Willis married in 2008

Matt and Emma Willis married in 2008

Emma Willis has opened up about her relationship with musician husband Matt - saying that the couple are not into romance.

The Voice host, 38, and the Busted singer, 30, married in July 2008 and now have two children together.

Emma told Cosmopolitan magazine: "I met Matt when he was in Busted. I was working at MTV and I'd see him wearing baggy jeans, waddling around like a duck so they didn't fall down.

"He used to wear make-up and have weird hairstyles. But I remember thinking underneath all that was a really cute guy.

"Nine years on, that fun has turned into a marriage and two kids, which is amazing because I never expected it for a second, and I don't think he did."

She told the magazine: "Matt and I have never been romantic - I find it all quite embarrassing myself. When he proposed, it was like, 'This is really weird!'."

She added: "We have date nights but we'll just go to a movie and have dinner - no candlelit suppers!"

Emma said that her family were there for Matt when, before they married, he went to rehab three times for help with alcohol and drugs.

"When Matt was at that point in his life, my parents were there for him too. He's like a son to them. My mum should have been a counsellor," the TV star said.