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Enders star Matt is a funny guy

EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood has tipped his fellow star Matt Di Angelo for a future career in comedy.

Blackwood, who started out as a stand-up, said his co-star, who plays Dean Wicks, would be a hit on stage.

He told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "People don't realise how funny Matt is.

"I'm going to say it on TV, I said to Matt I'm going to get him a stand-up gig. Matt is going to start doing stand-up very soon. Right now he can't because he is in EastEnders but down the line he's going to do stand-up."

Blackwood, who said his "long career" had been "good and bad", said he was enjoying playing the villainous Vincent in the BBC1 show.

He said: "H e's so not me. I was raised a certain way, I'm warm and friendly and not a violent guy, so to play someone like Vincent is lovely because he has no fear."


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