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Enos: US Killing fans offer me hugs

The US Killing star Mireille Enos has revealed a fan of the show came up and hugged her because she felt like she was Sarah Linden's friend.

The 36-year-old actress plays the tough murder cop who is so devoted to her job that her relationship with her own family is falling apart, and Mireille revealed fans feel a connection to her.

Mireille said: "All of the fans that I've interacted with - who've like come up to me on the street or whatever - they're so warm and sweet. They actually feel less like a fan and they come and greet me like they're Sarah's friends."

She added that after the episode in which Sarah's teenage son Jack's disappearance aired on TV, a stranger gave her a hug in a shop.

She said: "I had a woman hug me in a grocery store. It was just after Jack's disappearance episode in the first season and she came over and gave me a hug. It was really sweet."

The US show is based on the hit Danish TV series starring Sofie Grabol as Sarah Lund. Sofie makes a cameo in the second season of the US show.

Mireille said: "It was wonderful. She's a fantastic woman, we hit it off immediately and it was a really, really fun time."

But she admitted she had never watched the original Danish show.

Mireille said: "I haven't seen a moment of it. I've heard only amazing things about Sophie's portrayal of her Sarah Lund and I thought that would probably be very distracting for me."


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