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Eurovision winner gets Elton gift


Conchita Wurst appears on the Graham Norton Show

Conchita Wurst appears on the Graham Norton Show

Conchita Wurst appears on the Graham Norton Show

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst was sent a bouquet of flowers by Sir Elton John in recognition of the song contest triumph.

The "bearded lady" drag artist found the floral arrangement from the singer and his partner, David Furnish, in the dressing room whilst recording an interview for the Graham Norton show.

Conchita told BBC One presenter Graham, in the interview to be screened tonight (May 16), about also receiving a message from superstar Cher.

"I was so excited to receive the tweet, which said, 'darling you deserve a lovelier name and better wig'. Cher, THE Cher, tweeted me."

The Austrian diva, the alter-ego of Tom Neuwirth, said of the dressing room bouquet: "The card read, 'we love you, Elton and David'."

Conchita also talked about having hopes of hosting the contest next year when it is staged in Vienna, although as for the immediate future, the singer is going to take time to work out what to do following the win.

"Our society is so fast so I'm going to sit back and choose wisely. I will have to make new stuff. My goal is a Grammy so my songs will have to be good," said Conchita. "I have cast myself in the role of host at Eurovision next year in Vienna."

And the Eurovision star is still marking the contest win properly and resting after the final. "I slept. I haven't celebrated yet."

The proud victor took the winning trophy to the studio while recording the interview to be screened at 10.35pm tonight, adding: "I am embarrassed that I take it everywhere with me."