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Eva Green: 'Alcohol keeps me away from social media'

The shy actress isn't a fan of putting all her business out there on the Internet.

Actress Eva Green is afraid she'll drunkenly embarrass herself online if she opened a social media account.

The former Bond girl isn't interested in Twitter or Instagram and she's keen to keep it that way as she has a tendency to humiliate herself when she's had a few drinks.

"I don’t want to get drunk and go ‘blahblahblah’," she tells The Edit magazine when asked about her choice to not participate in social media. "Sometimes I do drunk texting. So if I went on Twitter... There’s something quite desperate about it: 'Look what I’ve done!'"

Eva is not comfortable with the ways people choose to connect with each other through technology nowadays, especially fans.

"I hate selfies," she declares. "Lots of people ask for a selfie now; it’s sad. They want a picture, but it’s about them, rather than sharing a moment. It feels like they steal something, rather than looking at you and going, 'I like your work'."

Ultimately the French actress is an introvert, and she is so shy, she even tries to disguise herself in public, so fans don't recognise her and stop for a chat.

"I’m not the most eloquent person," she shares. "I’m not great at talking about myself. People are surprised when they see I'm shy."

"I can make myself invisible," she adds. "When I go to Paris, I take the Metro. I wear glasses."

The Penny Dreadful star appreciates her peers who also value keeping things low-key, admitting she is often appalled by some of the egos of colleagues she meets on film sets.

“Even the actors I’m friends with, they’re not actor actors," Eva notes. "It’s such a narcissistic job. Ambition kind of disgusts me; it becomes quite scary in people."

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