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Evan Rachel Wood not interested in conforming

Evan Rachel Wood loves that her show Westworld is an “even playing ground” for male and female characters.

Evan Rachel Wood isn’t interested in conforming to Hollywood conventions.

The American star has had a varied career since making her acting debut in the early ‘90s, playing everything from a rebellious teenager in 2003’s Thirteen to a woman isolated in the woods in thriller Into the Forest. She previously admitted to feeling treated like “a piece of meat” in regards to her place in Hollywood and feels little has moved forward since then – but still refuses to follow the crowd.

“I don’t know if (things) have (changed),” she sighed to Britain’s Marie Claire magazine. “The illusion is that if you go with the flow and let yourself be made into things people want you to be made into you’ll succeed, but in my experience, the opposite (is true).”

Evan is currently starring in hit TV show Westworld, a futuristic series about a theme park. The programme features a great deal of violence of nudity, which co-writer Lisa Joy reasoned is necessary for a scenario in which humans can act without consequence.

The 29-year-old actress agrees, and is glad that both males and females are required to bare all in front of the camera.

“That’s one of the things I like about the show; it’s an even playing field. Even with the bandits, men and women can be very much equal,” she explained.

As well as acting, Evan is also experimenting with music, recently forming a group called Rebel and a Basketcase. She’s currently on tour with her bandmate Zach Villa, and is preparing for their album to drop this month (Oct16).

“(Being in the band) was the first time I felt I could really step out and reclaim parts of myself,” she smiled.

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