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Ex-builder shows off balancing act


John Evans hoped to wow judges on Britain's Got Talent

John Evans hoped to wow judges on Britain's Got Talent

John Evans hoped to wow judges on Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent contestant John Evans had his future in the balance - as he showed off a gift for stacking buckets on his head.

The retired builder tried to impress the judges by keeping 20 trugs aloft, weighing 18 stone, and reckons his skill is unique.

A Britney Spears wannabe and touring troupe Circus Of Horrors - who have emerged as early favourites - are also among the acts being shown on Saturday night's ITV1 show.

Evans, a 64-year-old diabetic from Derbyshire with one eye, also gyrates to Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger and slaps his belly while showing off his unusual talent.

He developed his skill to help him on building sites, using his head to carry more bricks than he could fit in a hod.

"I developed this technique where I could stack 20 bricks, lift them up and put them on my head and run up the ladders all day long," he said.

And judge Michael McIntyre was intrigued to see more: "I can't deny that I am desperate to see you balance more things on your head."

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Popular freak show Circus Of Horrors has already been tipped as a possible winner of the competition by bookies.

"I want to go to a party with you guys," enthused judge David Hasselhoff.

Also on the show is machine operator Wachiraporn who pretends to be a flight attendant while performing to Eurovision flop Flying The Flag by Scooch. Judge Michael tells her: "I think there's room on this competition for something completely insane."

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