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Ex-Apprentice star Saira Khan labels Lord Sugar's new candidates as lame

Former Apprentice star Saira Khan has branded the show's current candidates as "too lame" and needing a "kick up the bum."

The businesswoman, 46, who was runner-up in the reality show's first ever series in 2005, predicted that only IT consultant Karthik Nagesan stood a chance of winning Lord Sugar's investment.

Speaking at her home near Oxford, she told Hello! Magazine: "There's nobody that makes me think, 'Wow, you're fantastic.' All this year's girls are too lame, lack confidence and need a kick up the bum."

"When I took part, I was loud, competitive and took the bull by the horns. I wanted to win.

"As for the guys, Paul is a moody whiner and Sofiane reminds me of a flash in the pan 1970s salesman.

"The only hopeful is Karthik because he's fun and enthusiastic and works in IT, which I know interests Lord Sugar."

Khan, who is married to internet marketing manager Steve Hyde, recently launched Fruits of Kashmir, an organic face oil inspired by her mother's Himalayan heritage.

She also told the magazine she is considering adopting a child.

Already the biological mother to her eight-year-old son, Zac, the entrepreneur adopted her five-year-old daughter Amara from a Pakistani orphanage when she was a baby.

"Zac and Amira keep asking for a little brother or sister," she said, "so next time, we'll adopt a toddler.

"Our family means the world to us and we've got so much more love to give."

:: Read the full interview in this week's Hello!


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