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Ex-camerawoman 'startled' by DLT

A former BBC camerawoman has told a court that veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis groped her bottom during filming for Top Of The Pops.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was "startled" when the presenter placed his hand on her and "squeezed my bottom".

The alleged victim told London's Southwark Crown Court that she did not bother complaining to her bosses as she had already gone to them about sexual harassment she had suffered at the corporation and nothing had happened.

"It would have fallen on deaf ears," she said.

The woman, who said she was 21 or 22 at the time of the incident in the early 1980s, said that because she was concentrating on operating a camera and connected to around two metres of cable, she was trapped and unable to move when former BBC presenter Travis, now 68, suddenly appeared next to her.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, the woman said: "What I remember was I was kind of startled because I felt something on my bottom. My right buttock.

"And then I realised that there was someone next to me - because he was a lot bigger than me - talking into his mic.

"I can't remember what he was saying into the mic. I don't remember whether he was talking generally, i t wouldn't have been a recording. He was just possibly talking to the audience who were in the studio at that time."

Asked by prosecutor Miranda Moore QC what his hand did, the woman said: "It just squeezed my bottom."

Former Radio 1 DJ Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault, dating back to 1976 and the height of his fame.

Ms Moore told jurors that the woman's evidence did not relate to any specific charge.


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