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Faiers does first Crohn's interview

Sam Faiers has given her first interview since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease and has explained the symptoms she was suffering with during Celebrity Big Brother.

The Only Way Is Essex star has recently been diagnosed with the bowel condition after falling ill in the CBB house and being hospitalised afterwards.

She told This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "I had really, really bad stomach cramps, doubling over, tears to the eyes, and every time I was eating or drinking something within minutes it was sickness or diarrhoea.

"I couldn't hold food down for the whole time I was in there, so nearly a month I couldn't hold the food down. I couldn't drink or get involved with an alcoholic drink because my body wouldn't hold it down."

Sam, 23, said series doctors had originally suggested a stomach bug or IBS, but that she realised it was something more serious.

She revealed: "As the days were going on, I could see myself losing more and more weight, and naturally I'm quite a curvy girl and I was in the shower and I was thinking 'this weight is falling off me', and that's when I thought that this can't just be a tummy bug.

"There were a couple of days in the house where I couldn't even get myself out of bed, my whole body was aching, all my joints were aching and now I've done some research on it, they're all the symptoms you have with a Crohn's flare up.

"I remember when they told me they were extending [the series of Celebrity Big Brother] and I thought to myself, 'can I do this?' I think it was an extra five days, but all I kept telling myself was that I've come so far, see if you can make it to the final."

Sam spoke to This Morning's Dr Chris Steele about ways of managing her condition and said: "I'm on these shakes and I'm not eating food for the next six weeks that are giving me everything that my body needs... it's giving my bowels a rest for six weeks whilst I get rid of these ulcers.

"And it could be surgery where they take the worst part of the bowel away and put it back together - I'm still learning about it."

She admitted: "My family are really concerned and really upset, but that makes me be more stronger and more positive about it."


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