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Faiers: I rely on false lashes

The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers has revealed she relies on false eyelashes more than most Essex girls - because she has no real lashes.

The reality TV star and model, 21, is regularly snapped out and about with immaculate make-up and thick, long lashes.

But in an extract from her new book, published in The Sun, Sam confessed: "I normally wear two pairs, to get a really thick, dramatic look... for me false eyelashes are especially important because I suffer from trichotillomania, which means I pull my eyelashes out. That sounds weird, I know!"

She added: "Although not many people know it, I don't actually have any lashes at all. Sometimes little short ones will appear but I pull them out again before they have a chance to grow."

Sam, who developed the problem when she was a child, said she has come to terms with her lack of lashes.

"I probably will try to overcome the problem eventually, but I don't feel I have the time for it at the moment. I still don't normally talk about it. It's just those close to me that know - until now," she admitted.

"My family and boyfriends say I look beautiful either way, although I guess they have to say that! I can see that other people are surprised the first time they see me without my lashes or make-up."

Sam's book, Living Life The Essex Way, is out on Thursday.


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