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Faith's food made Adele's dog sick

Paloma Faith has revealed she accidentally gave Adele and Alan Carr food poisoning - not to mention Adele's pet dog.

The Just Be singer's friends fell ill after she whipped up some lamb kebabs for them at a dinner party which Alan hosted, reported the Daily Mirror.

And she revealed that even Adele's dog Louie was sick after trying the meat.

She said on the comedian's Chatty Man show: "I gave them all food poisoning,

"I really like Alan and Adele and I did not mean to do that - I have not spoken to Alan until now.

"I did buy the meat from a really good supermarket, which I won't name but I'd love to sue."

Alan revealed Adele's dachshund vomited after trying the kebab.

"He spat it out all over my rug," he told Paloma. "You nearly killed Adele's dog!"

Paloma, 32, apologised but joked that Adele "should not be giving lamb kebabs to her dog anyway".

:: Alan Carr Chatty Man airs on Friday nights at 10pm on Channel 4.


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