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Fan proposes to Misfits Robert

Misfits star Robert Sheehan has revealed that he's been proposed to by a fan.

The actor, who plays agent provocateur Nathan in the E4 series, joked that he's accepted the proposal.

He said: "I had one woman email my agent and tell her that she thinks we should be life partners and we should get married and stuff. And I said yes, so now we're married and we're living happily, I mean she has a lot of cats, and I take a lot of antihistamines because I'm allergic but apart from that, yeah, it's all good."

His co-star Lauren Socha, who plays Kelly in the comedy drama about Asbo teens with superpowers, added that she'd heard of people dressing up as their characters for Halloween.

"Apparently there were five people who got on the Tube on Halloween as Misfits," she said.

"Down to geeky Simon's desert boots, that's a testament to its popularity," Robert added.

The gritty series, which counts Jonathan Ross among its celebrity fans, returns for a second series on Thursday on E4.


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