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Fan who took Michael B. Jordan cutout to prom finally meets man himself

Audeva Agyeman said ‘she freaked out for a solid five minutes’ after being introduced to the star.


A prom attendee with a cardboard cutout of Michael B. Jordan (Audeva Agyeman/PA)

A prom attendee with a cardboard cutout of Michael B. Jordan (Audeva Agyeman/PA)

A prom attendee with a cardboard cutout of Michael B. Jordan (Audeva Agyeman/PA)

A Michael B. Jordan fan who took a cardboard cutout of the actor to her prom finally got the chance to meet the star of film Black Panther.

Audeva Agyeman was preparing to attend her prom in Philadelphia earlier in 2018, when a lack of guest options forced her to think outside the box.

With that in mind, Audeva decided to make a cardboard cutout for the occasion, and one man stood out for the job.

The photos went viral on Twitter, and the man himself was even made aware, commenting on Instagram, “this is called commitment!”





But when Audeva was asked months later to go and talk to the people behind the movie Creed 2, a boxing sequel featuring Jordan, she was initially told the actor would not be in attendance.

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“The people of Creed direct messaged me on Twitter and asked if I was available for an interview about biggest fans, and told me Michael wouldn’t be there,” Audeva told the Press Association.

“The dates got switched around a couple times and then finally a date was set.

“They picked me up and took me to the set of Creed and they asked me a bunch of questions such as why I did it (the cardboard cutout), how was prom? How tall was it?

“Midway into the interview I feel a source of heat behind me and I assumed I was just getting hot from nervousness. Thirty seconds later they ask me if my cutout was as tall as what’s behind me and I turn my head and he was no more than one foot behind me.”

Yes, Jordan made an appearance after all, sending Audeva into shock after a brief delay.

“At first I was like ‘oh’ then it registered in my mind and I freaked out for a solid five minutes,” she said.

“He stood there arms ready for a hug and I was to the side hyperventilating and jumping up and down.

“I eventually got my hug and was stunned I was actually hugging him.

“He did smell amazing. We talked a little bit and I blanked out for a question he asked me and everyone laughed at how much in awe I was.”

And while this meeting seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity, might there be a chance Audeva sees Jordan again?

“Eventually he had to go back to work, and as he left I asked him if he’s going to go to senior prom with me in May,” she said.

“He said ‘dang, how many proms are you going to?’ So who knows, maybe I might see him again.”

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