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Farage to join posh Gogglebox pair

Nigel Farage is set to appear in an "alcohol-fuelled" Gogglebox special.

The Ukip leader was filmed sitting on the sofa with the TV review show's "posh couple" Steph and Dom for the Gogglebox spin-off, Channel 4's chief creative officer Jay Hunt said.

She told Radio Times magazine that the show would be a "rip-roaring alcohol-fuelled watch," adding: "He gets p****d with them, but they also give him a grilling."

The documentary special, entitled At Home With Steph And Dom, will be broadcast next year.

Gogglebox, featuring a regular group of opinionated couples and families discussing the week's TV shows, has been a surprise hit for the broadcaster.

"We have found in Gogglebox an array of characters that people have taken into their hearts - they just love them. Gogglebox is my take on the week. We have a show that feels unmissable," Hunt said.

She said that Channel 4 was now the "alternative mainstream".

"When Channel 4 launched there were clearly very few other options and it was an outsider channel that represented voices that weren't heard elsewhere. In my view we have migrated to a different place, which is sort of the alternative mainstream," she said.

"We are still trying to talk to lots of people in the country and reflect Britain back to itself, and we do it with a slightly different perspective."

The former controller of BBC One said that she was a "conspicuous woman in an industry that is still dominated by men".

She said of some of the criticism which has been directed against her: "You have to take it on the chin, but of course it hurts. You become inhuman if you're not affected by people being critical and it should give you pause for thought. It always gives me pause for thought."

Hunt, who earned £497,000 in 2013, defended her salary, saying: " We are commercially funded.

"We don't take public money. In the nicest possible way, my salary is set by the board. And I think you need to talk to them about that."


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