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Farmer selling Games of Thrones location woodland

By Linda Stewart

It could be the perfect gift for the Game of Thrones fan who has everything - a tract of land where one of the key scenes was filmed.

Farmer Sam Duncan is hoping to see lots of interest from US fans as he puts a stretch of woodland near Ballyclare on the market.

The stunning beech woodland is one of the locations where Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) wrangled with his captor Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), only to encounter a rather untrustworthy farmer.

Sam said the ancient woods were used as a location for a scene from the third series of the hit HBO fantasy drama around three years ago.

In the scene, Brienne is making her way towards Kings Landing, hoping to exchange her chained prisoner Jaime for the Stark girls.

Sam explained how the two meet an old farmer on the King's Road in the scene filmed on his land.

"They came across an old farmer with a cart and Jaime told her to kill him," he said.

Brienne refuses and that encounter is to have momentous consequences, as the farmer betrays them to House Bolton, supposedly allies of the Lannisters at that stage.

Once he is in custody, Jaime - a master swordsman - gets his hand cut off.

Sam said it was an exciting few days when the Game of Thrones team came to film at his farm off Irish Hill Road.

"It was like the circus coming to town - it was amazing," he said.

"There would have been 50 vehicles up there. There wasn't enough room - they used a church car park in Ballynure to put the crew up there for a few days."

Sam helped out with bits and pieces and got to meet the two stars as well.

"It was just a nod of the head - I didn't want to stick my oar in," he said.

"She just trailed him about with a chain and a few words were spoken."

The plantation overlooks the village of Straid and the Six Mile Valley, and is home to foxes, badgers, frogs, newts, kestrels and buzzards. Sam has owned the woodland for 10 years but is selling the three to five acre stretch because he wants to concentrate on maintaining a wildlife sanctuary close to the site.

"This piece of land is unique - there's nothing else in the world like it," he said.

The land is about to go on the market and is expected to attract international attention. It is being sold through Fred Ashton at local firm Abbey Real Estate.

More information is also available from Sam at or by visiting the Straid Hill Plantation Facebook page.

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