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Fashion policeman praises Duchess of Cambridge for recycling outfits


Hillary Clinton meeting the Duchess of Cambridge

Hillary Clinton meeting the Duchess of Cambridge

Hillary Clinton meeting the Duchess of Cambridge

Fashion Police star Brad Goreski has praised the Duchess of Cambridge for recycling her outfits.

Goreski, a celebrity stylist who has dressed Jessica Alba and Demi Moore, talked about Kate's fashion during an interview with the Press Association.

He said: "Kate Middleton has become such a style icon and she has also been somebody who has kind of broken the mould in repeating outfits.

"Being someone who is so in the public eye, she's given people the permission. Some of my clients are like, 'Well, I'll wear that again'.

He added: "A lot of people think of celebrities as just kind of disposing of these beautiful clothes."

Canadian-born Goreski said although Kate is "perfection", he would like to see a look that is "a little bit more edgy and streamlined".

A panellist on E! TV series Fashion Police, which the late Joan Rivers hosted until her death in 2014, Goreski is a part of the team who critique the fashion worn by celebrities at A-list events.

The 38-year-old is also the creative director of The C. Wonder collection created exclusively for home shopping channel QVC.

The collection, which launched earlier this year, is described as "preppy chic with a modern bohemian spirit".

Goreski said: "It's a line, I think, that offers something no other QVC clothing line does.

"We're inspired by this idea of the C. Wonder woman being a woman of the world."

On the subject of women of the world, the celebrity stylist was asked how he would style Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Goreski said: "I would probably take her a little bit out of the pants suit area and maybe do some pencil skirts and blouses and blazers - maybe focusing on some different silhouettes and incorporating some of the younger designers like Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung."

He continued: "But Hillary's wardrobe, and the way she presents herself, I think it really works for her and for her politics."

Goreski, who became interested in fashion after seeing his first Vogue magazine at the age of 12, was also asked about Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee.

He said: "I'd probably start focusing on the tailoring, maybe getting some more customisation and interesting fabrics and step out of the mould that he's in right now."