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Fearne Cotton wants low-key wedding

Fearne Cotton has said she will be designing her own dress for her "low-key" wedding.

The Radio 1 DJ got engaged to guitarist Jesse Wood, 37, the son of Ronnie Wood, in December.

And she told Metro that she had been looking at wedding dresses online before she even met the musician.

"Obviously I've been Googling wedding dresses for like five years anyway because I love them," Fearne said.

"I'd design my own. I'll be influenced by things I see and then design something nice."

Fearne, 32, who has designed clothing collections for Very, said she didn't want a lot of fuss when she ties the knot.

But she admitted that because the couple, who have a son, Rex, are so busy, they still haven't set a date.

"Whatever we do, it will be just simple and not too professional," she told the newspaper. "Just something that feels right and just for the people we really love and we want to be there.

"We've started talking about it. We'd love it to happen at some point but we're very busy so we're just trying to work out when.

"At some point we'll get round to it but in the meantime, I'll just keep Googling."


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