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Fifth selfie satisfies women: study

Women will hit the delete button five times before settling on a selfie which is good enough to post online, according to a survey.

The sixth selfie is the one that women would use on average, while men were happy with their image on the fourth try.

Just getting their photograph taken made 64% of women feel anxious, according to the OnePoll survey commissioned by the ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain which spoke to 2,000 women, 2,000 men and 1,000 children aged eight to 17.

It found that looking at pictures on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made 41% of women and 26% feel bad about themselves.

Of the children who were also questioned, which included 58% who took selfies, 79% said they were happy with the way they looked, 67% thought they needed to look good.

The programme is encouraging viewers to share the first selfie they take, unfiltered, on social media under the hashtag #SelfieEsteem.

Jamelia, Nicky Byrne, Beth Tweddle, Richard Madeley, Piers Morgan, Nancy Dell'Olio, Rebecca Ferguson are among the celebrities backing the campaign.

The survey also found 33% of women were worried they were passing on body confidence issues to their children and 41% of children did not think their mother was happy with the way she looked.

It also found 15% of women and 19% of men had cropped, filtered, or retouched pictures of their children.


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