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Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson sparks controversy with 'It's only Isis' Saturday Night Live sketch

It was supposed to have been a joke. But not everyone saw it that way.

On Saturday evening, the 25-year-old Dakota Johnson was seen in a sketch in which her character was seen to join Isis fighters. “It’s only Isis, Dad,” she said, in a scene that riffed on a recent advertisement for Toyota cars.

While many found the Saturday Night Live sketch funny, not everyone was amused by the antics of the Fifty Shades of Grey star as they took to social media to complain.

The sketch was based on a recent television advertisement for Toyota Camry cars in which a young girl is driven to the airport by her father to join the US Army. There were plenty of people who did not find the parody funny.

The sketch came in the week that it had been revealed that three British girls and four from Canada, had left their homes in order to join Isis.

However, there were also lots of people who thought the sketch featuring Ms Johnson, who hosted the show, was hilarious.

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