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Fiona Dolman shows off baby girl

Midsomer Murders star Fiona Dolman has shown off the baby she thought she would never have - and told how she went into labour while she was having her hair done.

The actress, who had suffered a number of miscarriages, became pregnant during a brief fling which followed a split from her husband after 13 years of marriage.

And she told Hello! magazine how she used an unusual method to get her longed-for daughter Madeleine Charlotte had to pop into the world after she was 12 days overdue.

"I tried everything to hurry her up. I rode a mini tractor to see if it jiggled anything around a bit, but nothing," she said.

"I was due to be induced so I booked a haircut and I think that made her go 'right, I'm going to spoil that.' I was having contractions in the hairdressers chair."

The actress, who plays Sarah Barnaby in the hit ITV show, had a surprise pregnancy at the age of 43 - which she said was a blessing. She had split from husband Martin Curry and had given up hope of becoming a mother.

The little girl was conceived as a result of a brief relationship and she intends to bring her up as a single parent.

"Things might not be perfect but from the moment I held Madeleine in my arms we felt like a team," she told the magazine.

"I've got so much love around me I know we're going to be alright. I can't describe it, but I just look at her and think I don't remember life before and we'll just be absolutely fine."

Fiona is open to the father playing a regular role in her life. She said: "He'll meet her and then we'll just see how it goes. I think it's very important that if he's a part of her life he's a consistent part so it's whether he feels willing and able to do that."

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