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Fired Apprentice candidate Paul Sullivan admits 'hanging himself' in boardroom


Paul Sullivan said he felt "bruised" by exiting The Apprentice process

Paul Sullivan said he felt "bruised" by exiting The Apprentice process

Paul Sullivan said he felt "bruised" by exiting The Apprentice process

The Apprentice's Paul Sullivan has admitted he deserved to be fired after "hanging himself" in the boardroom with repeated outbursts towards Lord Sugar.

The 38-year-old interrupted the business magnate after he was questioned over the failure of this week's challenge which saw the two teams tasked with organising exclusive late night events at two of London's biggest tourist attractions - The London Aquarium and Madame Tussauds.

Sullivan, who led Team Nebula, said he still felt "bruised" by exiting the process and hit out at teammate Frances Bishop for turning on him in front of Lord Sugar and her tears in the boardroom.

He told the Press Association: "I think the cumulative effects of the day and the night and what had gone wrong had kind of taken its toll and then I think that was just compounded really at the last point when Frances sort of turned on me and chucked me under the bus in the boardroom.

"If I wanted to try and save myself. I'm not sure the tears were suited to the boardroom.

"I was not overly impressed with people crying to kind of save their position."

The marketing agency owner - who rowed with team mate Jessica Cunningham in front of partygoers during the task - said he was "disappointed" in himself for his outburst towards Lord Sugar.

"Do I think I should have gone? Part of me says no but part of me has to accept that maybe on the day you hung yourself and it's my own fault," he said.

"I didn't do myself many favours by the way I spoke to Lord Sugar. I know better than that."

Problems first arose in Nebula when confusion was caused by the prices of the party tickets.

Sullivan then caused tension by demoting Cunningham as sub-team leader and moving Bishop into the sales team in a bid to rescue the task.

After a 24-hour period, the candidates were called into the boardroom where it was revealed that Team Titan had won the challenge with a total of £2,400.66 raised. Team Nebula trailed behind with £1,127.64.

Sullivan opted to bring Cunningham and Bishop into the boardroom and they both became tearful during the debrief with Lord Sugar.

The businessman criticised the lack of pricing strategy and told Sullivan he needed to rein in his temperament.

He told Sullivan: "Y ou can't lose your rag every single time something goes wrong, and you did lose your rag on this task in representing me in front of customers."

Sullivan told the Press Association he would not enter the competition again if he was offered the chance.

"The Apprentice process is very unstructured. You may have a task to do but actually the people within the task and if they are on your team or not they've all got their own agendas.

"Whether that be the weight that they're pulling, the way they are going to be seen to behave or not behave.

"Or who they think they can throw under the bus when they get to the boardroom.

"There's so much of that going on. And that's why - when I was asked if I would do the whole process again - I wouldn't. It's not because I've got any anger or anything like that."

He added that his "hot head" attitude towards Lord Sugar in the boardroom would "go down in Apprentice history as a moment to remember."

"When an idiot hanged himself by talking to Lord Sugar like that."

:: The Apprentice continues next Thursday on BBC One at 9pm as the remaining candidates fight for Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment in their business plans.