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Five Live and Radio Ulster Colin Murray reveals why he presents show naked

By Maureen Coleman

Colin Murray has revealed the naked truth about his late night music show on Radio Ulster — he likes to present it in the buff.

The Belfast man hosts the Friday night show from the privacy of his London home, which allows him the freedom to dress down — or not dress at all, as the case may be.

“The Late Show with Colin Murray is the only music programme that I do now and I’ve turned my bedroom into something of a studio,” he said.

“It means I can just chill out in my dressing gown with a mug of tea, picking records or downloads and playing whatever tunes I like.

“It’s a bit lonely in there with just me and a few emails that I get from the listeners. I haven’t had weird emails yet, mind you.

“I usually do the show in my pyjamas but I have been known to do the odd show naked.

“There was one occasion I had just taken a shower and then I put a track on, I think it was Guns ‘N Roses.

“The song was about five minutes long and I thought I’d have enough time to dry myself.

“But I didn’t, so I just sat there starkers, and did the show.” Colin, who presents a number of sports programmes on BBC Radio Five Live, including Kicking Off With Colin Murray and Fighting Talk, said it was important for him to keep his interest in music alive.

“I’ve become a big fan of music all over again,” he said.

“For around 10 years I was hearing stuff before it came out and I was such a bore at pub quizzes when it came to the music rounds.

“This way I still get to indulge my interest in music and it’s great, because I’ve no-one telling me what to play.

“I can choose anything from Phil Collins to Sigur Ros, though I’m big into jazz these days.”

In January the 32-year-old will be covering the World Darts Championship for BBC2 and then it’s off to South Africa for the World Cup.

And he said that in the absence of his beloved Northern Ireland, there was one team who definitely wouldn’t be getting his support. “I’ll be cheering on anybody but France,” he said.

  • The Late Show with Colin Murray goes out on Radio Ulster every Friday from 10pm to 12am

Murray background

Colin Murray grew up in Ballybeen in Belfast.

He started out as a print journalist on a local newspaper before setting up a music magazine called Blank.

In 1999 he co-hosted The Session for Radio One with Donna Legge.

He later teamed up with Edith Bowman and they presented the Lunchtime Show on Radio One.

Colin then presented a new weeknight show, but quit Radio One this year for Five Live.

He still presents a Radio Ulster music show.

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