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Flanagan urges fur-free Christmas

Helen Flanagan filled her own stockings as she became Miss Santa to campaign against animal cruelty.

The star wore a costume without the traditional white trim in order to emphasise to shoppers in London's Covent Garden that they should enjoy a fur-free Christmas.

The former Coronation Street actress teamed up with campaign group Peta holding up a sign which read "Keep it fur-free under the Xmas tree".

Helen, who was the highest ranking British star in FHM's sexiest women poll this year, was encouraging people to avoid presents which involved animal cruelty as she dressed in a red dress, white stockings and red platform stilettos.

She said: "Fur is cruel and gruesome, and it belongs squarely in Christmas' past. With all the wonderful stylish, fur-free designs available today, it's never been easier to celebrate with Christmas gifts that are as kind as they are chic."

Peta said coats, collars and cuffs made from fur involved "immense animal suffering" and claimed that some animals were skinned while still alive. It pointed out m any designers - including Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood - shunned fur.


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