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Food is my enemy, says Barlow

Gary Barlow, who has often struggled to keep his weight down, has told how he views food as his "enemy".

The X Factor judge and Take That star revealed he has had to battle constant feelings of guilt about each mouthful for years in case it leads to him ballooning.

He also told the new edition of Esquire magazine that when he sees himself in the mirror, he loathes how he looks.

Gary has piled on the pounds, particularly during the lean years of his career after his solo career foundered. But he has managed to get his weight under control since returning to the public eye and he slimmed for Take That's tour this summer.

He told the January edition of Esquire: "Food's been my enemy all my life. I've been at war with food because I've always loved it and it's always made me feel guilty and I've always starved myself. I've never eaten a mouthful of food for probably 20 years, and not thought, 'I shouldn't be eating this'."

He continued: "It's one thing to loath yourself in your head, but then to look in the mirror and loath yourself physically - where do you go?

"At least hate yourself and look good. Or look s*** and feel great. But to have both, it's a double whammy."

Gary is preparing for this weekend's semi-final of The X Factor, with one of the acts he has mentored - Marcus Collins - still left in the contest.


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