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Former X Factor star Eoghan Quigg lands new radio gig

Former X Factor star Eoghan Quigg has been signed up by Q Radio for a new show that will see him host showbiz news and road shows across Northern Ireland.

The Dungiven singer (24) says he's "excited" to get started with ‘On the QT with Eoghan Quigg’, adding: “My family has listened to Q for years. It’s come so far and I’m grabbing the opportunity to be a part of that and contribute to a growing success story.

“I can’t wait to get out and about to present at roadshows across the country, that’s really cool to me because I’ve always loved doing that."

Eoghan was just 16 when he appeared as a finalist on The X Factor in 2008, finishing in third place behind winner Alexandra Burke and runners-up JLS.

Following the show, he toured the UK with X Factor Live before being signed by RCA records where he released his debut album. He later made the decision to quit music to concentrate on his education.

Eoghan has now started gigging again for the first time in eight years, playing acoustic sets across Londonderry.

“I graduated last Halloween, and started gigging again. I just decided one Saturday night to buy a load of equipment and thought it’s been eight years, it’s time to start singing again.

“So I sorted out my set lists, got my name out there and started acoustically gigging in bars, just me and my guitar, totally stripped back. That’s about nine months now and I’m flat out.

“I’m getting great reactions on the show  - just nice to be doing something musical again.

Eoghan's series of The X Factor was a vintage year for fans, with superstar Beyonce’s infamous performance during the final.

He recalls: “Meeting Beyonce was incredible, we all got 10 or 15 minutes to meet and greet with her and the first thing she asked me was how my Mum was and my new baby sister.

“A wee boy from Northern Ireland talking to someone like Beyonce, it was so surreal that someone of that calibre took the time out to find out something about me – it’s always stuck with me, she’s a total superstar and my favourite person I’ve ever met.

“The whole X Factor experience was amazing. I had begged my parents to go, I just wanted to see if I was any good. They got whatever pennies they could rub together to take me over and I’ll be forever grateful for it. 180,000 people auditioned and to come third was an absolute dream.

“I did the whole famous thing and I have been away for a while but have always stayed down to earth and never let myself get too high above the clouds. I’m a normal guy and I quite enjoy the quiet life but I still want to be involved within music, I’m writing songs for other people now and I’m just excited now to see what this new chapter with Q will bring.

“The local music scene is really good – it’s great to see artists like Ryan McMullan supporting Ed Sheeran – he’s phenomenal.

“It’s tough here though, and musicians tend to have to go over the water to England to get noticed. I’d love to be able to use my new role at Q to help support and showcase local acts, that would be awesome,” he adds.

Managing Director of Q Radio, Robert Walshe says: “We are delighted to welcome Eoghan to the team, he’s a young guy with serious star quality and we think he’s a great fit for our ambitious and dynamic brand.

“We’re very proud of our unbeatable talent line-up and commitment to pushing the bar in terms of delivering quality, engaging radio that really connects with the audience."

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