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Forsyth: Top Strictly job is lonely

Sir Bruce Forsyth reckons it's lonely at the top on Strictly Come Dancing and has said Tess Daly will be feeling the lack of company now she has taken over his job.

The veteran TV presenter, who retired as the BBC show's host before the start of this year's series, told Alan Carr on his talk show Chatty Man that he had warned former co-host Tess about the loneliness involved in fronting the competition.

He said of Tess: "Of course, she's taken over my spot in the show - all the talk about Claudia [Winkleman] taking my place - she wasn't, she was taking Tess' place, up in her penthouse suit where all the nonsense goes on.

"So Tess has taken over my job, and I said to her, 'That job in Strictly is quite a lonely job,' because you're on and off all the time, up and down the stairs, introduce this and that, but you don't actually meet anybody on the show, you don't have a conversation with anybody on the show, so it's a very lonely job to be the 'top host' shall we say, for want of a better word, to be on and off all the time.

"It's a much more difficult job, and you do feel lonely."

Sir Bruce, who will return for the Christmas special of the dancing show, also said it was tougher for two women to host together because they would find themselves under more scrutiny.

He told Carr: "I think it probably is more difficult for women to work together than men, because women are always - from an audience point of view, the ladies out there - are looking at what they're wearing, we couldn't care less about that you see. You'd still be scruffy, and I'd be debonair."

But Brucie also had praise for Claudia and Tess and the show itself.

"They're doing a marvellous job, and the show is definitely different in certain ways ... the thing is, it's a wonderful format, it's one of the best television formats ever put together. How it works I don't know, with all the VT bits, dressing, judges etc, when you look at it all together on a piece of paper you'd say 'that can't work', but it does. It's got a wonderful flow to it, and it's a wonderful format."

Brucie also added that now he had Saturday evenings to himself, he did sometimes sit down to watch Strictly's ITV ratings rival The X Factor.

He revealed: "I watch it but very little, because I don't like to see singer, after singer, after singer, after singer, and then for a change, they put another singer on... It's not my cup of tea.

"But I think young talent should always be brought out and nurtured, and if they've got the talent, become the stars that they should be."

Alan Carr: Chatty Man is on Channel 4 tonight (December 5) at 10pm.


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