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Fox: I'm rude like my new character

Laurence Fox claims he can see himself in his "really offensive" latest character.

In ITV1's Fast Freddie, The Widow And Me, the 33-year-old plays Jonathan Donald, an arrogant, small-minded businessman who's given community service at a club for young adults with behavioural difficulties after getting caught drink-driving.

"Jonathan is a guy who lives in a very small world dealing luxury cars," said Laurence.

"He thinks he's amazing on every level but he doesn't really have much regard for other people."

The actor, who is married to Billie Piper, added that he was drawn to the drama because it is a bit politically incorrect, and said he shares some qualities with his on-screen counterpart.

"He's really offensive, rude and reminds me of myself a bit," he said.

"Jonathan very easily could have been a b*****d, but he isn't - even though people might think he is to begin with.

"He's a real muppet, but quite a good-natured one."

:: Fast Freddie, The Widow And Me is on ITV1 on Tuesday, December 27.


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