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Frank Lampard says Christine 'has bit of a temper'

By Lucy Mapstone

Christine Lampard has "a bit of a temper", husband Frank has confessed.

And the Northern Ireland presenter has revealed that in the years they have been a couple they have barely spent a weekend together due to Frank's busy football schedule.

But the love-struck pair are happier than ever now the Chelsea legend has retired and they can spend more time together.

The TV star from Newtownards was joined by her husband on Loose Women to discuss their relationship.

Former England international Frank, who married Christine in December 2015, announced this month he was hanging up his boots at the age of 38 after a 21-year career.

Christine, who is the same age, told the ITV daytime show that with his new found freedom, they are keen to spend as much time together as possible, and that they are better "in each other's pockets".

She said: "He was (away) with football - particularly with England and World Cups and things - he'd be away for six, seven weeks, and it's big chunks of the year, and not even just chunks but every weekend.

"We haven't really had a weekend in the almost eight years we've been together because of football."

Loose Women panellist Janet Street-Porter asked if there was a concern they might see too much of each other now, and suggested jokingly that Christine might "go off" Frank. He said: "Well maybe, we'll find that one out. But when I was away for six weeks at a time we were actually a bit worse in that period, we're good being together. When we're not together we feel like we're not in each other's lives so much and we maybe question each other a bit more."

Former One Show host Christine agreed, adding: "I think we're better when we're together, which is obviously a good thing."

Frank later said this wife can get miffed with him at times.

He revealed: "She has a bit of a temper with little things like, if I'm on the phone to her and I'm eating, the phone goes down."

Christine confirmed: "He'll phone me when he's eating cereal! I do have a temper about that."

The couple, who have been an item since 2009, played a game of Mr And Mrs to see how much they knew about each other.

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