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Frankie Bridge admits being 'dragged down' by internet trolls

The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge has said she regularly compares herself to "hot people" online and has been "dragged" down by internet trolls calling her fat.

Bridge, 26, said people expect her to look like a pop star "24/7", and she finds herself scrolling through pictures of women on photo-sharing site Instagram.

In a film she made about internet trolls for the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC Two, Bridge asked a group of young women if they compare themselves to people online.

She said: "I know, as a girl, I sit there, probably most nights, I'll be like 'Yeah I'm going to bed'... it means I'm going to go to bed and I'm going to look at loads of hot people on Instagram, and go 'Oh she's got really nice legs, or she's got really nice hair'.

"And I find myself the whole time completely comparing myself to all these people. I don't even know them. I know nothing about them, but I obsess over them at night."

Bridge also said: "It's important for me to look my best, I think because in my job people expect me to look a certain way. They expect me to look like Frankie from The Saturdays 24/7, and I think the minute I don't look like that someone is going to comment on it.

"In the past, especially when I was pregnant and I put on a bit of weight, people were very quick to make comments on Twitter, saying that I was fat, or that I'd lost it, whatever 'it' is. Just really dragged me down. It was something that I was already really self-conscious about and the minute someone draws attention to that it just drags you down even more."


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