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Freida Pinto: Dev is my soulmate

Freida Pinto has revealed entering the spotlight together has helped her and boyfriend Dev Patel become soulmates.

The 27-year-old Black Gold star has been dating 21-year-old Dev for three years, after they met starring in Danny Boyle's Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire.

Freida told The Independent: "When you've shared something like that, you have no-one else to go to but that person who completely understands.

"So if I have a complete downer, he knows exactly how to uplift my moods and I can do the same for him. It actually helps a lot having gone through the same experience, when that experience is so unique."

She added: "Some people don't actually know that he's six years younger than I am!

"Actually, he's too mature. I keep telling him, 'Stop being an old man!'

"He's just an old soul. The way he speaks and thinks - he's so philosophical and deep. I'm like, 'You don't sound like a 21-year-old to me!' At least that was not how I was when I was 21."

The Indian-born actress also revealed she'd love to buy a home in Mumbai, and one day become a wife and a mother, but her work means she is too busy to settle down.

She said: "My heart will always be in Mumbai, but I've kind of moved to London. That's my second home. When I'm in London I stay at my friend's apartment, but whenever I need to recoup, India is the place to go and be with my family.

"I still haven't splurged on anything since Slumdog was a hit. I used my first big pay-cheque to put a deposit on a flat in Mumbai, but that fell through - so I'm still looking for that one place to put my feet up."

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