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Friends reunion: Courteney Cox, Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow stage mini sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Jess Denham

Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox made Friends fans dreams come true last night when they ‘performed’ a five-minute sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Nineties sitcom stars, who played Rachel, Phoebe and Monica briefly reunited after Anniston’s guest appearance.

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Kimmel expressed his wish to act out some of his own “fan fiction” with the actress, before Kudrow and Cox surprised the live audience by popping up on an exact replica of the famous Friends kitchen.

“I spent $80,000 making it,” Kimmel joked. “To the tee, every detail is correct.”

Cue the theme tune that everyone knows the words too, canned laughter from a red button, and huge cheers from the crowd, despite Anniston sadly declining to don ‘the Rachel wig’.

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